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Intro to Voodle - Part 2
by Kostas Bogdanas - Friday, 20 November 2009, 11:55 AM
Dear Colleagues,
Below are specific instruction to enter postings and uploading files (Thank you Emily).

There is a lot that this program can do and the web tutorial will help you learn. However, it just be able to post your assignments and to share files or websites that might help kids learn, here is what I was able to learn how to do relatively quickly.

1. After you log in – if you are an elementary teacher, click on elementary and secondary click on secondary.

2. Find your class or subject

3. After you are in the right class go to the upper right hand corner and hit “Turn Editing On”

4. Elementary Teachers already have the weeks marked. Upper School teachers must enter the titles or names of their units.

5. To enter in Titles or insert summaries of the work click on the hand that is holding a pencil. This will allow you to type in the title or type a summary of the work that is due.

6. To up load documents (Word, PowerPoint, etc), click on “Add a Resource” – “Link to a file or a website.” Give the file a name in the first box. Then click on Choose or upload a file. Again click on upload a file. Now choose where you will find the file. The first time you go into this part, you can download all files that you will want to use. When you go back to choose or upload a file it will allow you to choose a different one that is already in the memory.

7. Under the same heading, Add a Resource, “link to a file or website”, you can enter websites for the kids to use.

Our efforts for now are to get items up to provide student the information needed for instruction. Over time we may be able to make this a bit more robust by actually offering instruction. More on this later.

Bob Vick